-m 3200 issue - v0.09
Just tried to crack 1 bcrypt $2a$ hashes and plus crashed out on me Sad managed to stop it crashing by lowering -n 1 but only getting 91 c/s

oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m 3200 -a 0 -n 1 --gpu-temp-disable --remove -o found3200.txt hashes3200.txt ..\dict\passwords.txt

Any ideas? I'm using 1 x 5870 and 1 x 5850, (will have 3 x 5870 tmoz or thurs).
remove *.kernel files
Yup, clean install so that's not it.
OK, does it happend on the 5870 as well?
Hi atom, sry 4 delay as been major busy. OK, just tested -m 3200 with 3 of my 4 x 5870s, with -n 1 all is OK but slow, as soon as I increase it, it totally fails, black screen for a 5-10 secs, then at which point it reboots.

Ah almost 4got OS: Win7 x64