The best make/model for a AMD HD7970 GHz Edition?
Hi Hashcat forum users!

My question it's very simple:

If you are going to buy a new AMD HD7970 GHz Edition,
wich make/model do you would choose?
(And why, of course)

I have seen two models that I think they are the best,
but I am not and expert, so I just put the references down
and then you can debate about it.

I have seen Gigabite:

And XFX:

Thanks for your comments and advises! Smile

only differences you are going to find are between the coolers, so go with the cooling solution that works best for your situation. non-reference coolers are typically best for open-air systems and specially-designed chassis, while reference designs are typically best for your typical desktop chassis.

if you're going to put these into a desktop chassis you would be better off with
Yup, make sure you red card isn't red because it's hot!
Except that, well, you can pick a model with higher vRAM amount, if you're planning to BF huge hashlists.
Oh, and core clock affects speed.
If you're not experienced in overclocking, well, pick the one with highest clock.