oclhashcat-lite 0.09 linux x64 hd5970 50% GPU Usage
Hello, I have a problem with oclhashcat-lite 0.09 on ubuntu 12.04 x64 LTS, working on my HD5970 on about 50% GPU usage. Probably there is an error in instalation but I don't know linux, never worked on this OS. I installed drivers step by step from this description
You used Catalyst 12.4 or 12.9 beta?
12.4, I based on description from that website, downloaded on-the-fly
you need 12.8
thanks for reply, I installed new OS with auto-update option and 12.8 drivers but now it's working with speed about 1448 GHs, ofcourse uncorrectly. Cracked pass in one second, time needed for 100% it's about 11 minutes. Great feeleing Wink Parameters: -n 800 -m 1900 -1
Your numbers from moon. Anyway, happy sl3 'cracking'.
Yes I know, ok now it's working fine, 12.8 are correct drivers, but i need to activate "propietary drivers" in additional drivers (with error on the end but it's working). And now speed it about 3400 Mhs. Thanks for help.