Steve Werby's Presentation at Hack3rCon^3
Steve Werby (@stevewerby) did a presentation on hash cracking today at Hack3rCon^3. He talks about using Hashcat and oclHashcat-plus to crack the eHarmony list.
A really nice presentation, I like it and will add a link to our wiki pages.

Thanks for linking epixoip.

One thing i want to add: At 35:52 he said that multiforcer is a) About 25% faster in some rare cases and b) has integrated network support.

That was correct in the past. With release of latest oclHashcat-plus this changed however, for both points. a) The multihash performance increase massive so it will run faster than Multiforcer and b) we added VCL support to oclHashcat-plus which makes it network-able as well.
he kind of mentions VCL in the presentation. he doesn't mention it by name, but he does mention that plus has network support for AMD only. i knew you would comment on his Multiforcer comments Tongue

i did notice on one of his slides he had a syntax error in his cudaHashcat command, but that's just nit-picking Wink
Yeah I know, you mean the -r, right? Smile

I liked the explanation of the attack modes