Custom Feature
hello Brother's

when i cracked some PHPBB3 Hash's it take long time not like sample md5

i want to add a new option on Mode Button :

when you select Generate Method (1), hashcat should be get the words,names ... etc
from the worldlist and crypt every line by crypt type(2) like this:
and save the lines crypted on crypted path(3).

2-after the Generate Finished , Just Select the hash encrypted path (1) and put sample wordlist path and from Mode Button (2) :
and should be hashcat get from every line In the hash file(1) the plain of hash like this : .
i can do it in php easy :

$line = "123456"; // from the wordlist
$hash = "$H$9GKxKHR6P2VnreYjfSmtOhE/Q9zADX1=>faride";
$plain = explode("=>",$hash); // $plain[1] after => | $plain[0] before =>.
if($plain[0] == $line) {
print "Found ".$plain." | ".$hash;

and good luck
you are looking for a lookup table. (e.g. rainbow table) PHPAss ist salted. This will therefore not work. (the way you want it to work) Anyway you would be better with a SQL table or something. (still, PHPass is salted and this will not work the way you want it to)