auto length increment?
I'm trying to bruteforce an md5 hash of a MAC address. Here is my command line:
cudaHashcat-lite64.exe test.txt --custom-charset1=0123456789ABCDEF ?1?1:?1?1:?1?1:?1?1:?1?1:?1?1

I know for a fact the format and length of the input. So why is it doing lower length first? eg:

Plain.Text...: ****1:0F:4C:1
Add --pw-min=17 to your command-line.
(11-21-2012, 10:37 AM)M@LIK Wrote: Add --pw-min=17 to your command-line.

worked brilliantly. Now the correct number of possibilities shows up(2^48).

One question I still have though. hashcat is still showing me something like this: Plain.Text...: ****1:0F:C0:33:00

Is this just a visual glitch?
yes because those characters are changing much quicker than it could be displayed...