no faster WPA2 cracking?
I know atom recently did a presentation on speeding up SHA1 hash generation which made me think that a similar thing was possible for WPA2 as it also uses SHA1. But then I saw this:

Is this correct?
yes, that is correct.
The discovery I made let you exploit any SHA1 based hashtype. That means it does not matter if its salted, HMAC or iterated.

But, and this is what Solar Designer is refering to, in case of an iterated algorithm it will only work on the first iteration. That means for WPA it is not relevant while for MySQL (which is iterated SHA1) it is, because its only doing 2 iterations.
So, technically, Solar Designer was wrong, it is usable with WPA2, it simply will not be practical, since you'll get a tiny increase(0.002%) in speed.
But for algos with low iteration count(by low I mean, say, less than 50) it will matter.
has this weakness in SHA-1 algorithm been used to revise the kernels for various SHA1 based algorithms in the latest version of oclhashcat-plus?

I think a lot of algorithms which are supported by oclhashcat-plus would benefit from this discovery.
It does not work for WPA. And as I said in the presentation I discovered this in early 2011. All oclHashcat versions already use it in these hashmodes that are compatible.
reading atom's post just the second above yours is too hard i guess.
@undeath: My question was whether the latest version of oclhashcat-plus exploits the weakness in SHA-1 which was not mentioned in atom's post in this thread, if that's what you are referring to.

@atom: Thank you for the confirmation. I will read your article and watch the presentation on this Topic. Nice discovery and interesting Smile