add MSCHAPV2 support
MSCHAPV2 is a encrypted challenge response algorithm used extensively in Enterprise wireless networks and PPTP VPNS. Currently ASLEAP (a tool by josh wright) can crack them via wordlist or rainbow table and JTR can with some coaxing. also the cloudcracker cloud service can for a significant sum of money. what the penetration testing community needs is a tool that can crack MSCHAPV2 efficiently with support for CUDA and OpenCL. Hashcat would fit that knitch perfectly. I also would imagine that using existing crypto libraries it would be fairly easy to add MSCHAPV2 support to hashcat
Adding existing crypto libraries? I take this as an insult.
if it's in hashcat it MUST be faster than without!
(12-19-2012, 03:08 PM)undeath Wrote: if it's in hashcat it MUST be faster than without!

so then do it with out the point is its a critical crypto scheme that can be cracked but could be done faster with hashcat
we should change the name to cryptocat while we are at it
Good point Smile
Oh wait, that already exist!