Oclhashcat lite 0.13 and 0.10 are slower than 0.09

Now that i need to upgrade oclhascat lite bcs it s outdated i remark that the newer versions are a lot slower than the new ones.
For cracking sl3 codes i get speeds 1400M/S per HD7850 card. I have two cards wich makes it possible to do in max 4 days.
now that i ve upgraded i m only getting 1000M/s per HD7850 wich makes it almost 6days.
Could someone pls help me with my problem
no. go away.
What Catalyst version do you have? Using -b in oclHashcat-lite I get very similar speeds than before and an increased performance on oclHashcat-plus.

You must be doing it wrong.
@ epixoip why should i go away i m just adking some info about the latest version and i don t know why you act like this.
@ dolphin thanks for the answer i use the latest catalist 12.8. tomorrow i wil try using -b, what exactly does it stand for?

thanks anyway i ll keep u updated about my problem
nice evening
SL3 is no longer supported here.
Ok thanks for the info but that doesn't mean you have to be rud.
I think we can have a conversation with mutual respect no?
and even if it s no longer supported i think i can stay to learn something...
It s not my fault that some people are abusing the program.

I tried with the benchmark settings but still no go i run 1000M/s with the latest version and before i had 1350M/s ~1400M/s.

I'm confused. so are you running -m 1900 for SL3? I thought atom removed support for it in lite 0.13 so how are you running the command without error?
The version V0.13 been released on new year's eve while the issue with the patch happened on new year's day around 1PM so, until not been modded the zip file on the robot (But doesn't look like as the zip date states 31.12.2012) the support for the -m 1900 is still there.
As well the kwrnels m1900 are missing in the zip file since the version 0.10 which means it should relay on the old kernels anyway (or compile them when needed)


I see. As stated previously hashcat has officially dropped support for SL3 in old and new releases. Best to not change the system clock and continue to use older versions if you wish to crack SL3.