password problem help please
my problem is i have an important encrypted file i created some time ago using cryptainer but have forgotten the password to it. i know what set of words and numbers i used for it but unsure of the order they went in, for example:

[my birth year][my girlfriends name][a ten digit number i know][my phone number][my house number]

obviously this is a complex password but wanted to know if there is any way i can use this way to check for the right password by swapping those around in all possible ways but not necessary always using all of those, as it might not have my house number in my password, it could possibly be just [ten digit number i know][my phone number][my girlfriends name]

I'm really confused with password crackers on the net and how to use my own sets of numbers and words. Would anyone know of any program that would generate all possible passwords using only my sets of numbers and words as i would really appreciate it.

sorry if I have put this in the wrong place, I'm just desperate to open my file Sad
There is no out of the box solution for that but should be simple to script. What you are searching for is a permutation function to try all combinations of the 5 blocks. Please take a look at Phillip Paul Fuchs awesome permutation function:
thanks for you're quick reply, very much appreciated. I will give that a try.
sorry but I'm not sure how to use that script, I'm not a programmer you see so I am unsure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions with a small program and how to run it.

Thanks for any help given.
it's not a script, it's pseudo code. you can use it as a model to write your own program.