"Seperator unmatched"
I have a couple of hashes from an embedded device that are strange:


$1$ is MD5, but MD5 hashes should be alphanumeric, right?

When I try to crack them I get:

WARNING: Hashfile 'a2' in line 1 (): Seperator unmatched
WARNING: Hashfile 'a2' in line 2 (): Seperator unmatched

As you can see, I've already tried stripping the entries of the extra crap, leaving just the salts and hashes. Am I missing something? Is the $1$ a lie?
Take a week to read the rules.
$1$ is md5(unix) also you have to cut the hash the right way, next time you hacked a server better learn hashing algos. or in sl3 word narime md5(unix) $1$ + haram "salt" + ülgeröm "hash"
and also learn A LOT more about hashes as u clearly have no idea.