Which CUDA should I install?

I got a new Grafic Card(Geforce GT 220).
Now the driver installer uninstalled all nvidia/cuda programs.

Now I installed my GraphicCard Driver but I need CUDA as well!
I went to this site because I have Win7 64bit, but which of the tools should I install?

All those are offered:

Developer Drivers for WinXP (263.06)
Developer Drivers for WinVista and Win7 (263.06)
Notebook Developer Drivers for WinXP (260.99)
Notebook Developer Drivers for WinVista and Win7 (260.99)
CUDA Toolkit
NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) library
CULA: GPU-accelerated LAPACK libraries
NVIDIA Parallel Nsight for Visual Studio
CUDA Fortran from PGI
GPU Computing SDK code samples
NVIDIA OpenCL Extensions

Which of them should I install?

Thank you!
Since you have access to 0.24 oclhc, you can install any driver > 258.xx for the beta to work.
This is the latest WHQL for your GT 220
And no, you dont need any cuda toolkits/sdks.
The WHQL is the standard Nvidia Driver, isn´t it?
And which CUDA version should I install?
get latest nvidia driver + oclHashcat v0.25 and it will work fine.