Operating system and arch: IE
windows 7 64 bit

Version of the driver installed: IE
Catalyst 12.8

version you are using: IE
oclhashcat-plus v0.12

The command: IE
oclHashcat-plus64.exe --hash-type 2500 --outfile D:\新建文件夹\30338_1358246849.hccap.out D:\新建文件夹\30338_1358246849.hccap D:\字典组合\108万姓名全大写.txt D:\新建文件夹\30338_1358246849.hccap D:\字典组合\108万姓名全小写.txt

The error: IE
If use two or more dictionaries, progress will be more than 100% when running second dictionary ,
Read the announcement, file a bug report.
(01-17-2013, 11:31 AM)radix Wrote: Read the announcement, file a bug report.

why can‘t I see my uploaded image ?Do upload failed?
Please create a ticket in the ticket tracker: https://hashcat.net/trac