oclHashcat-lite-0.14b15 - Benchmark results
OK, I ran the benchmark results on oclHashcat-lite v0.13 with cat 12.8 before I upgraded to cat 13.1 and also have run the Benchmark results for v0.14b15, so here they are:



LM speeds have improved.
Slight slowdown in other algos which was to be expected.
Good increase in MD4 algo, which reflects with NTLM also.
Slight increase in [descrypt, DES(Unix), Traditional DES] algos.
Slight increase with [SHA-3(Keccak)].
Quite a big speed loss with [Oracle 7-10g] algo Sad

Hope this helps u out atom.
I cant do anything against this, blame AMD
Yeah I know, thought I'd share results if they were any use 2 u.