Strange character
Well guys today I've encountered a strange character. It's the first one from here

[Image: tXsVoDK.png]

I'm using 010 editor since notepad++ won't work with it. I want to replace and delete them since if I copy and paste something with it the paste just stops where that character is. I saved the character to a txt file and did a hexdump of it and I got 9D. And
9D == ?
So I really have no idea what this is/how to handle it. Any help is appreciated.
Solved it but using notepad++ format to UTF8 and convert to UTF8. Thanks!
(01-30-2013, 08:12 AM)M@LIK Wrote: Null.

Null is 0x00. 0x9d is the Yen sign in extended ASCII.
I never said 9d is null.

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