Can't get ocl working as hashcat

I am using hashcat for a while, and I thank you guys for this wonderful code.
I am trying to get Oclhashcat working on my cuda.
Actually my hashcat command line is
hashcat-cli.exe -a 0 -r rules\leetspeak.rule -m 1000    -o out.txt -n 2 hash.txt  "D:\dics\dic_uniq.txt"

I try to do the same with ocl ; but it does not work !

According to the given example,
oclHashcat.exe example.hash ?l?l?l?l example.dict
I can't specify the algo ? And what about "?l?l?l?l", is it mandotary ?

Thank you.
Launch oclhc with --help flag.
Read docs in oclhc folder.
there should be two subforums for hashcat and oclhashcat, since they have differences.
it's hard to read the forum if you need info for example oclhashcat related only.

for example, is it possible to specify the rule file "-r rules\leetspeak.rule" in oclhashcat, instead of just one rule in command line? (as suggests all examples)
And that's stated in oclhc/cudahc docs, which come in release archives.

But there will be another project from Atom, which will probably do what you want.
its realeased now, check oclHashcat+