No valid Rule's Cleaner
I have many no valid rules to attack, whether a software for cleaning non-valid rules for hashcat?

PS:Sorry,for my bad english)
There is no such software
I don't know of such software either. Here is how I clean my rule files. It might not be the most clever or fastest way but it works for me. Assuming I have "all_my.rule" with all the rules I created or copied. I run them in Hashcat or oclHashcat*.
I use tee for output to both the file 'rejected.rule' and to stdout, in this case, your terminal. Skipped and/or rejected rules are saved to file.
./oclHashcat* [options]... -r /rules/all_my.rule | tee rejected.rule
Open rejected.rule with any text editor and remove all the text crap like "Skipping invalid or unsupported rule..", "Cannot convert rule for use on GPU in file..." so just the rejected rules ramain and save.

I use Hascat utils' req then to clean all_my.rule
./rli all_my.rule working.rule rejected.rule
rli is made for cleaning your wordlists but works for me here as well.