GTX Titan
Looks like Green Team finally has more compute power than the Red Team

Too bad it's like 2.5x the price.

Anyone have one of these bad boys yet? Or can anyone give some predicted numbers?
if by "green team" you mean nvidia, and "red team" you mean amd, then no, the green team most definitely doesn't have more compute power than the red team. the titan is only a 3.5 TFLOPS card, compared to e.g. 7970 4.3 TFLOPS, 6990 5.1 TFLOPS, etc.

looking at the Sandra "General Purpose Cryptography" and GUMiner benchmarks on Tom's Hardware, it barely edges out a GTX690 and is 2x - 4x slower than a 7970.
damn. Tom's benches show pretty much half the performance for the Titan over the 7970. That sure sucks, especially at more than double the price. I guess it's a card for gamers once again.
No, it's not a card for gamers (it's sm_35, not sm_21 or sm_30), it's actually the best single GPU graphics card from NV.
The speed of the rubber titan with litecat is 5303M p/s, for MD5, for example.
My grandma GTX 480, for example, cracks MD5s at 2101M p/s.
Still, AMD's GPUs are faster (single GPU int OPS) and cheaper (int OPS / $).
However, if you're limited to using CUDA only, this is definitely the best from NV.

Also, NV finally ditched the idea of reducing DP FP performance, at least for this titan card.
It's no longer artificially reduced to 1/4th of Teslas' performance (at same clocks and shader count).
I am not sure if sciency apps like FAH use DP floats, but if they do, they'll benefit from that.