Restore problem
Hi everyone, i have a problem with oclHashcat-plus64 restore. I was running fine on my old Win7, oclhashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 -n 80 --gpu-loops 4096 -a3 test.hccap ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l when i was going sleep i was using pause and quit, next day continue with oclhashcat-plus64.exe --restore oclHashcat-plus.restore resume works fine. But i copied all oclHashcat-plus-0.13 folder and reinstalled my os on New HDD, now i'm trying to do the same restore , oclhashcat-plus64.exe --restore oclHashcat-plus.restore after i put this in CMD i getting message: ERROR: cannot chdir to C:Users\User\Desktop\oclHashcat-plus-0.13: No such file or directory

hashcat0.13 Folder is the same like in previous WIN7, even the computer name is the same. PC is the same as well. Please help me i was cracking around 3 weeks, and it was around 48%, cause when i'm going sleep i'm switching of my PC....
"C:Users\User\Desktop\oclHashcat-plus-0.13" is not a valid file path. Maybe you typed it by hand and left out the slash.

Either way, it doesn't look like that directory exists, so you need to actually verify the path: right click on the oclHashcat-plus-0.13 directory, go to Properties, Details, Folder path and see if it says "C:\Users\User\Desktop\oclHashcat-plus-0.13" exactly. If it doesn't, you need to move it to that location.

But I think what probably happened is that on your new Win7 installation, you chose a username other than "User," which is apparently the username you used on your previous Win7 installation.
You can not restore if any of the data (including paths and dictionaries) changed.