Portable Restore File

this is regarding the oclhashcat-plus restore file.

Are the restore files portable?

For instance, does the restore file also keep a track of the GPU type used to crack the hashes in the session?

Since there is an Open CL kernel specific for each type of AMD GPU and each attack type. I wanted to know if the same restore file will work when used on a different machine.

On the different machine, I keep the following parameters same as the first machine:

1. Same hash file (file containing the hashes).
2. Same restore file.
3. Same path of oclhashcat-plus (c:\oclhashcat-plus)
4. Same version of oclhashcat-plus

Would it still work?

Another question,

Let's say, I started a cracking session and the machine has 3 GPUs in it.

Now I quit the cracking session and before restoring it again, I add another GPU to the machine.

So, when I restore the session, will it automatically detect a new GPU and resume the cracking session from where it left?

I guess, the kernel (for new GPU) specific to the hash type and attack mode would have to be built at the time of starting the attack.

Please note that the new GPU added is from a different AMD Family than the ones already present in the machine.

Would like to know if the restore session remains intact even if more GPUs are added to the machine in between stopping and starting the session.

the restore file will not work if anything has changed. everything has to be the same.
thanks for confirming Smile

would it be feasible to implement this? since all the other parameters are kept constant and I think the only parameter changing here is the GPU.
The idee is very interesting, so many peoples can work on the same hash, but if its been so easy , atom would implent this long time ago.
right, its not that easy so it wont happen