oclHashcat-lite64 make display driver stop on ASUS HD6970

When running oclHashcat-lite64 (windows 7 x64 ultimate) it works but after a few seconds it makes the display driver to stop responding.

Below command line:

oclHashcat-lite64.exe --outfile HashValue.txt --gpu-devices 1 XXXXXcd506XX49eXXXa2277b167XXXXb1

Sometimes the card is fast enough to crack the hash before the display driver stop responding.

I got the same behavior with the oclHashcat-plus64

I got the 13.1 version of Catalyst.

Also after windows recover from display driver not responding, oclhashat stays there doing nothing.

Any clues or tips?

Create a "patch.reg" file, open it with notepad and paste the following code:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Then run it as admin, press OK, reboot, and it might help.
Hi Rolf:

Before your reply I was testing some other fixes.

1) Deinstall catalyst 13.1 then use Driver Sweeper, Reinstall with no luck

2) Install Opencl 2.8 AMD strem packages, also no luck.

Will try deinstalling all drivers and install 13.1 again and then issue the patch.reg.

Two things to mention:

- Since catalyst 12.8 driver sweeper is not efficient any longer. you need driver fusion (free version is enough).
- Do not install the SDK. It ships a special OpenCL.dll that if found by the system/oclHashcat-plus will lead to unpredictable behavior. Make sure to manually check for removal of these Files.
Thanks ATOM:

I have followed Rolf instructions and de-install, then use driver fusion, then re-install Catalyst 13.1 but seems like opencl is not enabled.

Now it gives the "ERROR: clGetPlatformIDs() -1001";

For the time being I have created a database and add 220 Millions hashes to compare and find what my card with oclhashcat should do in matter of minutes.

I will really love to have oclhashcat working on my system, let me know if any info need it..

Not sure if my cpu or motherboard specs matters?

Is any particual OpenCL dlls that I should look or have?