Raspberry Pi
I get that its not all that powerful. That being said, its biggest asset is its graphics processing abilities. I don't *personally* have a lot of compute resources, with my everyday computer being OSX-based, ...but I have all the time I have left.

Do any of the family of Hashcats (preferably ocl-*) work on the raspbian install? Has anybody here actually done it? Any pointers/tips?

I think I understand that ocl-hashcat needs either AMD or NVidia drivers, so I'm thinking that's out.
1. there are no arm binaries for hashcat, only x86.
2. the raspberry pi's gpu does not support gpgpu
3. there is no opencl platform for the raspberry pi because of #2
Thanks for following up. I suspected that kind of support wasn't there, but for the wrong reasons (see above).