Need Help Secure Boot and Certificates
Hey guys, BytePuker again Wink

I have a big problem with one of my new samsung laptops. I had Linux installed (Ubuntu) and wanted to change to Win8 for better compatibility with adobe photoshop etc.

I wanted to use secure boot with win8 so i activated it in the bios. Next step was to configure secure boot. I enabled the option to clear current certificate cache (here was my mistake I think).
Atfer hitting F10 for save and exit the laptop restarted and does nothing. Sad

Only black screen with disabled keyboard and no choice to boot from any dvd or the hdd usb etc. I searched alot around secure boot and bios reset. Problem is that either in the samsung handbook nor any forum etc stands sth about my problem. I cant access the bios or bootable device like win dvd. Also the Laptop has no cmos batt to reset bios. On the motherboard is no jumper for resetting it (I found none ^^ )

I hope u linux/windows cracks can help me Smile

Laptop model: Samsung NP550P7C-S0EDE