Multiple WPA hccap files at the same time.
Is it currently possible to combine multiple hccap files with different essids? Or pass several hccap files at the same time to ocl+? For example if I have 3 essids to test and I only want to run through the dictionary list once vs 3 times. Similar to where you have 100 NTLM hashes in the same file and it does them all at once?
Is what you are asking similar to this thread?
Yes similar, I would think either method listed in that post would work, but I was unable to find if it was being worked on. It looks like atom says it is possible.
Please have a look at Trac, I think there is no such request and there was none yet. If not on Trac the probability is hight that atom wasn't reminded of this feature request.
I for example see no multi hccap request here:

So if you really want it you should open a trac ticket and hope that atom accepts it!
Sounds good. I will go ahead and open one and see what happens.