-m 100 and AVX or XOP build hashcat 0.46 issue
Thank you for the new version of this tool.

Issue at my location with testing sha1 -m 100.

AMD 8320 system with Debian Wheezy (Stable) OS.

Try -m 100 (sha1) with both hashcat-cliAVX.bin and hashcat-cliXOP.bin giving wrong output in the pot file

/hashcat-cliAVX.bin --segment-size=3000 --threads=4 -m100 -a 0 -rrules/best64.rule hashfile wordlist

the hashcat-cli32.bin and hashcat-cli64.bin appeared to give the correct output.

It doesnt always just give the reverse plaintext sometimes it is changed.

please could you confirm and/or fix this issue
can you please open a ticket on trac for this issue?
Yes opened as ticket #173