Hashcat-plus and Hashcat problems
hey guys i was running a sample after installing hashcat-plus and about 8 mins in i got error gpu has reached temp limit is there a way to configure this so it dont shut down and if not i was goin to use the cpu hashcat can you point me to a good tutorial on the regular hashcat i cant seem to find one and can i get some recomendations on how to keep my laptop cool so the gpu wont reach that temp im running bumblebee on a optimus system if that helps i got a hd intel3000 and a geforce 525m all help and responses are greatly appreciated thanks
your post is completely devoid of punctuation.

laptops have shitty cooling, there's not much you can do outside of buying something that isn't a laptop.

had you actually read the output of --help or the wiki you would have found the --gpu-temp-disable switch. but just so you know, using this switch on a laptop is a stupid idea. definitely don't have your laptop on your lap if you decide to try this, unless you like the idea of having 2nd degree burns on your dick.
lmao sorry about the punctuation bro lol.

if i use the switch will that hurt my laptop in anyway? If not ill go with that. Would it help if i put a fan on my laptop like take the keyboard out and put a fan on the motherboard while it's doing it's thing?

Also, do you know where i can find a good tutorial on Hashcat that uses the Cpu?
https://hashcat.net/hashcat/ is CPU version of hashcat, will be cooler than using GPU but still not recommended to use a laptop like epixoip stated.
The best you can do is lowering your GPU memory clok which could help a little. Yes, using --gpu-temp-disable could hurt so I don't recommend using it. Laptop are just not designed for hash cracking, period.
well dam that sux i need a way to speed up some cracking processes but i guess i got pyrit cuda and aircrack cuda guess ill just have to use those im goin to be buildin a bad ass desktop sometime soon so i guess ill have to wait til then to use hashcat thanks ne wayz guys
You probably haven't got it. You will use nothing if you don't want to burn your GPU.