OS GPU compatibility
Currently my linux box (Ubuntu 12.04) is having some major issues. It is crashing regularly, I think it is a hardware issue, (Maybe bad RAM?) but I have also learned to hate Ubuntu.

Another problem I am having is that OclHashcat crashes when I try to use Device #2, and I dont know how to fix that.

Next plan is to nuke the system, take a look at the internals and install a new OS. I am thinking The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali), but need to do more research, the google machine can only tell me so much. So I ask the forum: What OS would work the best with a 2x 7970 HD Radeon setup?

Are there any specific rules for installing the AMD catalyst drivers?
Ubuntu works flawlessly with HD7970. If you have problems with this os ... can't imagine what's more simple and better documented. Maybe go with windows then.
Ok, I don't want to go with Windows.

Maybe I will update to the latest version of Ubuntu.

Maybe it is a hardware issue, but I need this box to stop crashing.

Will continue to do research, and post if I find a solution.
(08-12-2013, 09:22 PM)Chinchilla Wrote: Maybe it is a hardware issue, but I need this box to stop crashing.
It's probably a hardware issue.
1. Remove crossfire, it will allow you to use both gpu with *hashcat.
2. Downclock cards to stock clocks, manually put fans into 80%+ speed.
3. After driver install don't forget to use "amdconfig --adapter=all --initial -f" following by reboot, more details on wiki.
4. PSU is at least 850W?
5. Few month ago I build a machine with 32GB ram. Also had crash after crash. After ram test 24gb of them was faulty. Changed to a better company product.
Ok, well this has been a great lesson for me to read things before I post on forums.

The amdconfig command that KT819GM posted was all I needed to do.

I will refrain from clogging the forums in the future.

As far as the random crashing, it was a memory issue. I ran a memtest and had some bad ram. Now thats all fixed.
If you hate Ubuntu, you should try Arch linux. You propably won't find a better distro.