Problem on rc4
Hi. Maybe someone can reproduce this. Windows 7 64 bit, catalyst 13.8b2 (bug was also on cat 13.1), 1 x 6950 + 2 x 6970. I was trying to crack OSX 10.8 hashes (From CMIYC 2013 challenge 2 pro) and even with 5 hashes, the drivers keep crashing (or at least that's my interpretation of the CMD window becoming unresponsive and unclosable). I tried other "tougher" algo like Wordpress and I can load more than 400 without any problems running the same attacks. I then tried SHA512(unix) and the computer completely freeze. I don't know if the problem is my new driver install but for the SHA512(unix), what is invoked is m1800.cayman_1307.1_1301.1.

EDIT: I have tried with -n 1 and -u 8 with the same result.

This error is confirmed in RC5

1x 7970
1x 5850
Drivers: 13.4
BetaV: RC5

Crashes in all 'a' modes
Crashes when 1 hash is loaded, crashes when multiple hashes loaded

Hash loaded in the following format

$ml$41493$xxxxxxxxxxxx ...
thanks guys, will be fixed in next rc
rc6 is up, please check
yep rc6 is still crashing for me. Same issue
make sure to remove old *.kernel files, beta versions dont do this automatically
@atom yes. I delete every single file except the key file.

Still crashing on RC7
Do the example hashes also crash?

You both are using windows, right?

Can somebody of you test the same cmd with same setup w/ linux running?
sample hash is still crashing
win7x64 running 64bithashcatpllus on 13.4
I can't test it right now but yes, I am on Windows 7 x64 as well (see my first post).