ATI 7970 vs. Nvidia GTX 780 results required.

I am looking at updating some hardware and was primarily looking to see if any current owners of a GTX 780 gpu can post their model/speed results utilizing the following script. (preferably x1 device in system)

Note: Oclhascat-plus(V0.15) is the only program AFAIK that currently supports the GTX 780; so remember that and install the latest WHQL (320.49) prior to posting your results.

I assume the ATI 7970 is still presumably faster however the ATI results can be seen on the homepage for Oclhashcat-plus for comparison. This page also has results for the GTX 580 but it would be nice to see how the GTX 780 performs on this release.

Thanx in advance.
The GTX Titan is a bit slower than the hd7970, so the GTX780 will be much slower
GTX 780 will have around 90.12% of GTX Titan's performance (both at stock clocks).
So, get any results for the latter and multiply them by 0.9012.
You'll get a pretty damn close result, since both GPUs are of sm_35 architecture.