AMD Radeon R9 290X
Decent model is decent.
Tomorrow is the big day
First review by HWCanucks.
It's hot as fuck, let me tell ya.
No way should anyone use it without proper cooling.
those temps are almost exclusively with the boosted clock. at the base 800 Mhz i think (hope!) it will do a little bit better.
Still, it's the fastest single-gpu red card.
With something like this, it'll rock!
we'll do some serious experimentation with ours when we get them, but my hope is that they can be passively cooled.
Notice how the price turned out to be better than expected: recommended $549 per GPU.
It seriously beats GTX Titan in int perf / $ category.
yeah, we'll see what newegg sets the price at. they just raised the price on all their 7970s by $40-$80 overnight, so...
It's around £440 in UK.
GPU speed estimation for single md5 (Mhs) ? 10k Mhs possible ?