Hi, Atom
I try to use vcl version Hashcat (vclHashcat), but vcl(0.18) + vclHashcat(0.14-0.15) is not working
I think VCL is diffcult to install and have poor features than I expected
So, I suggest you SNUCL, What about integrating with SNUCL( )
eg. snuclHashcat-plus
thanks for pointing us toward snucl, i'll be sure to check that out.

but why hijack this thread for this, why not start a new thread?
I've splittet the thread.

Anyone ever tried that snucl thing?
i will be testing it out shortly, especially since VCL 1.22 is broken and no word from MOSIX on when we will see VCL 1.23.

i will need your cooperation though in getting that platform support into hashcat, to avoid the "no AMD compatible platform found" error.
sure no problem, send me the company name as it is reported from clinfo and i will build a new beta