Running Mr. Cat on multiple rigs?

I was wondering if there's any solution to run hashcat on multiple rigs?
I have done a bit of searching, but so far I've only found ways to use multiple GPUs in a cluster.

I have a lot of VPS' for bitcoin mining, and was thinking about starting a hash cracking service. How would one go about doing this? Splitting the dictionary file into - let's say 10 parts and run every part on a single rig?
And how would this be possible with brute-forcing? Just pre-compile the list first, and then do the above steps? I seriously couldn't find a paper describing this.
Well, you could either write your own software, or cluster the nodes.
If you choose a clustering solution, you can cluster multiple hosts that have X number of GPUs each.
Host1 has 2 GPU
Host2 has 3 GPU
Host 3 has 2 GPU

Run vcl or disthc on all 3 nodes and you can effectively use 7 GPUs in a single job.
Which solution you use depends largely on hoe you are going to use it and how much money you can afford to sink into it.

vcl is a great solution for high speed LANs (10 Gbps +), and disthc is pretty much everything else.
Thank you for the fast reply.
I will read up on it and come back if I run into any problems.
Check out this video on using hashcat with vcl