Best card to buy/where
So i am thinking of building a new computer soon and i want it to be used for hash cracking as well as many other things.

What i was wondering is, what is currently the best card to buy for such a thing (Best bang for buck as you can say..) (I don't really have a budget so just throw some things out there), and where would i go to buy these cards (if you have a newegg link that would be great Tongue). I was looking into: Radeonâ„¢ HD 5870 cards (I am probably going to have 2) so here is kind of what i want to know:

1. Where to buy these 2 cards?
2. How much are they (if you have a link i can click and find out Smile)
3. What kind of power supply should i get to acomidate for these two cards

Thanks in advance for reading Smile
why buy ancient 5xxx cards when you can have a 7950 as cheap as 175€. If you are planning on spending some more money better buy one faster card than two old/slow ones, you'll save quite some power.
Yeah, the 7950 is not a bad option but still twice the price of the 5xxx series cards if u get them cheap enough. I would consider going for the 7xxx series thou as better to have a more up-to-date card.

Here are some speed tables:
HD7950 is not "Best bang for buck" as it's performance just few % better than HD5870 in all terms when talking about hash cracking (perf, TDP) and price as blandy wrote 2x+ times higher. Not everyone here can go with top cards, so possibly better to look at ebay where used HD5870 goes for as little as 100USD. But still, if we talking about wide purpose usage like playing games so yes, HD5870 is ancient and better to look at 7 series. And also an advice - try to 'skip' 6 series.
Worth getting this if you can:

With Accelero cooler on, u can OC from 725MHz core to 820MHz core easy.
Ok thanks for all your help you guys! I will look into getting a more up to date card if possible, once again thanks!