8x GTX780 problem
(11-06-2013, 08:28 AM)Barmaglot Wrote: Huh - now that you mention it, I was using BIOS booting rather than UEFI, which might have something to do with it. Also, I was informed yesterday that a Linux version of the Maya plugin has just been released, which makes a Linux installation an option. Regardless, this system is already in production with seven cards, but I'll have ample opportunity to experiment on the next one.

Any updates on the following? Did the different bios mode that yo eluded to make a difference in your detection issue with gpu#8? Are you still able to have applications interact with applications even though the device manager is detecting error code#43 on the eighth gpu?
Negative, booting with UEFI made no difference. If I used the onboard VGA as primary output but without the driver installed (using Windows built-in Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver), all eight cards show up in device manager, but they don't actually work - no CUDA devices are available. Fortunately, Linux support was recently added to Octane Render plugin for Maya, and right now I'm reconfiguring the system with Ubuntu 12.04, which seems to be running eight cards fine, aside from no access to overclocking.