Same pass discovery on 2 computers - How to set charset?
First of All, I'd like to thank You for a brilliant software Smile
Second... I got a question, regarding discovery of pass from same hccap file on 2 PCs...
First PC is running for a while with default Latin Charset, from A->Z, is it possible to start on 2nd PC discovery from Z->A ?
It will I guess speed up discovery 2 times?
If you need to split the keyspace into several parts, download PasswordsPro, go to Settings -> Bruteforce Attack -> check the A-Z button, Password Generation section - define the length of the password, Distributed Attack section - choose the number of PCs which will crack the hccap. And voila!
Thanks Smile
Good solution for Many PCs... but speed of Brute Force on WPA is "shocking"... while hashcat works with speed ~950words/sec, PasswordsPro only runs at ~90passwords/sec.