oclhashcat: recommended amount of RAM
Using oclHashcat plus on a GTX770, what is the recommended size of RAM?
I am using some new and old computers but some of them are using DDR2 RAM, and I am limited by that.
Would be 1 GB sufficient on a debian machine or two or more?
each GPU requires 352MB of address space. on top of that, it's a good idea to have enough memory so that the available amount of free memory is at least equal to the amount of vram on the GPU. but it depends on what you're cracking.
That would be 1800, sha512crypt.
As RAM isn't that expensive anymore, I recommend 16gb of RAM. It's not really required but if you do a lot of cracking job it helps to have the dictionaries cached in RAM (automatically done by the OS). Also, in case you use high -n numbers, the amount of RAM required can be very high.