Review - AMD Radeon R9 290X
(02-19-2014, 10:25 PM)magnum Wrote: Nope :-) I'll be back after I get access to a test host.

Edit: It *might* be that the code is correct but the figures are relative (so your output is sane!). So "--set voltage=5" will bump the default with 5 mV. See (btw undervolting - using a negative value - is allegedly impossible due to a bug in 13.12)

Documentation is scarse to say the least. I found this - unanswered - thread:

Edit2: I won't update here anymore, see for how this emerges. Anyone having clues, please chime in!

Thanks for your work. I'll continue to monitor your progress at github. Wonder if that driver bug is present in 14.1 on linux.
Yeah if anyone tries this on 14.1 I'd like to know the outcome. Though the list of changes doesn't mention OD6.
what a huge rig! Will it be too hot when running in full load?
No these cards handle heat well in reference design (contrary to some rumors), and *if* they get to 94°C they will throttle by themselves just enough to stay at that temp.
even at 100% load for weeks on end, the cards have yet to get over 70C in this chassis. most of them stay at 64-65C. in another chassis we have, the cards stay around 82C. so the temps are perfectly acceptable.
Thanks for sharing nice information.