Poll: 780ti vs titan
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FT77AB7059 and 7970 vs 7990
Hi, sorry if im a total noob and piss people off but I just want to learn. First I need help with hashcat gui, what do i put for "binary at the bottom?" also I am building a new rig and need help. Should I go with the 780ti's or titan?? Pls help.

P.S. What rack and mobo does this guy uses
1. you should go with a 7970
2. gui isnt supported here
3. Not sure what rack hes using, and you cant buy the motherboard... you have to buy the entire chassis. its probably the FT77A-B7059
thanx so the 7970 is faster than both the titan and the 780Ti? what about the 7990?
First where do you find FT77AB7059 I tried but I got results for it but for 4K
4k just for a case and a mobo!!

Wich one wo 7970 in crossfirex or a single 7990??

Yeah, the results you got were right. Read the forums, and dont make another pointless thread when you can keep it contained to this one.
I cant find a dealer thar sells them empty and without gpu's
Go with the 7970