Need help to build my first hash cracking machine
Hi there buds, i've searched through forums for a lowcost setup, about $1500 //I need it for fast hash cracking - md5/sha1/mysql5
Setup that nearly fit me is :
Any way i would like to build system, based on HD5970 x2.
I would be very thankful, if some one can help me with list of detail names.
I am not an expert but I would build my rig differently. First, I would go for AMD CPU. You can get a quad core for 81$ instead of 200$. Corresponding motherboard would be the same price or cheaper with 2 pci-e x16 slots for your 2 GPUs. Instead of 1 big PSU, you could get more power with less money by using to smaller PSU (Corsair HX750 for 90$ for example which is 80+gold). With the money saved, I would go for 7970s instead of 7870s.
well i decide to buy 5970, because of this
as you can see

HD5970 3200 725 294 33 9931 2900 642 4 days, 5 hours
HD7970 2048 925 230 35 8249 2597 0 4 days, 21 hours
so can you provide more detailed list of hardware ? like

else ....

thanks a lot
any replies?
search the forums. this has already been covered dozens of times over.