2015 Hardware
any ideas?
I don't know what idea you want more as 4x7990(~800USD)+water blocks(~100usd/piece)+ddr4(next year?)+haswell(300+ USD) does not sound cheap at all, it' high end pc. VCL also is not considering as cheap. For stable work you will need ~2x1200W psu's 80+ (~220USD/piece).
well all the vcl parts are from ebay 25 per card and 300 for a switch. The water cooling is cheaper than a tyan case and the 7990's are 530 on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...6814131493 and for each node i will use a 7850 12g ram amd fx. Also I need a cluster of pc's for other things so I was going to get them any ways. And one last thing why does hash can not support vcl on windows??
vcl is closed source, and there are only binaries for linux x86_64.
and they have no intentions of making window binaries? if no why not? The only reason I use a lot windows things. And I don't have the cash for 2 HPC's
because no one in the HPC world uses Windows. do you know who MOSIX are?
yes they make the vcl software and i guess i could just duel boot or use a vm box
they do a lot more than sponsor vcl's development. their main business is developing a linux-based cluster operating system...
back on topic.............
it is on topic. you asked why there are no windows vcl binaries, and if they have intentions of making windows binaries. the answer is they only care about linux binaries, because they only care about it running on their own cluster operating system.