WPA 27k/s on a GTX770 is that low?
In comparison with the HD7970 which is very similar to my GTX770 scores lot higer

In the hashcat chart it says the HD7970 achieves 130k/s+ also saw one guy on forum saying his 7970 got 85k/s at stock speeds.

GTX770 CORES 1536 3.2 TFLOPS 27K to
7970 CORES 2048 3.79 TFLOPS 85k to 133K

The specs are not that different to justify that gap am i missing some options?

I played with -u and -n but barely managed to get 33k/s still too low in comparison.
AMD is much stronger than NV because they have some low level instructions that are good for crypto and oclHashcat can make use of this.
Thx Atom to clarify. i was so wrong I thought cuda was better than stream/opencl but I was very wrong.

Btw do anyone knows why then NV is so expensivein comparison when amd is better in everything? more power and also better enviroment so whats so great about NV.
I guess gamers prefer NV.