Need Information about the software
Hi all,

I am desperate to find a way to brute force my account on MEGA ( I was a new user to the site and created a username and password to register to the site so I could back up my MAC as I needed to reformat the hard drive. The way the site is set up at the time, you could recover your password until you actually had files uploaded then you had to remember the password to log on. I only use 5 different passwords when I create new user accounts ever, so I never considered it even an issue but the site does not have you retype your password to confirm you typed it correctly so to make a long story short, after I finished reformatting my MAC, I went to download my files back onto it and it claimed my password was incorrect. I have since created other accounts on MEGA and can log onto them on my Windows PC and MAC without issue using the same password but I still cannot access the original account. Does your software work on this type of situation or am I just SOL? Appreciate any and all advice, suggestions. Willing to pay for help if necessary.