bruteforcing ecryptfs salt?

i have a Samsung Note2 with the XXUEMK4 firmware. After encrypting my sdcard (ecryptfs) i did a wipe of my data on the phone(not the sdcard). Unfortunately i did not know about what a salt is, now i know Wink So after wiping i could not decrypt the sdcard, because it seems the salt is always different after wipe (i do know my password!).

It looks like the salt is 8 Byte long, which can be seen in the attachment source code, but I am not sure.

So my question is: can i find out the whole passphrase (password+salt) to access my sdcard by bruteforcing it?
Or is it even possible to get the mechanism the salt is being generated?

Thanks in advance
Best J

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use maskprocessor to create a salt file then use external salt switch. will be incredibly slow though.

i am sorry but can you explained it a bit more detailed and noob friendly way.