DeHasher - a program to remove hashes from found lists
As I like collecting word lists, I wanted a tool to remove hashes from found files that still have the hashes intact.

I couldn't find anything to do this so I made a program myself. Feedback is very welcome. Thanks.

v1.37 - Added minimum length

[Image: dehasher.png]

[Image: dehasher2.png]


Usage :

Remove uncracked hashes - Hashes without a password will be removed.

Human only passwords - If a hash is cracked and the password itself is a hash, these will be removed.

No Salt - When dealing with files without a salt, tick this to be sure that any passwords which contain a colon are not treated as a salt.

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Yeah, cool. What a handy tool. But let me ask you a few questions:

1. App ? Really ? You could make exact same tool using batch/shell. Making things as scripts has its advantages. For example, you won't produce more code than is really necessary, scripts have often multiplatform interpreters (well, I'm not talking about Windows' batch crap) and so on...
2. Source code ? I see you use Windows, therefore I assume you haven't heard about open-source too much, but making thinks open-source has its advantages as well. You'd say there's not much to screw in such a small app, although one could come with some really good improvement, especially with performance improvement in this case. Merging his changes would well appreciated, I think.

To sum it up, I think it's a handy tool. However, one doesn't have to be shell-born kid to be able to make exact same thing in one line, which could be executed on all kinds of systems Wink
Having on mind how many people here ask for help even to launch hashcat, it's useful one button program for beginners (if they will ever need to dehash something some day Smile ). So - Thank You for your work zeroprobe.
I'm sorry lol Smile

I'm not a full time programmer and my code is embarrassing; I can usually get it to do what I want it to. I'm just most at ease in VB.

I've added drag and drop support now so its even easier.

I hope I've not confused things, this is not a tool to crack hashes. It just parses found lists to make wordlists.
Meh, kuci is an asshole, ignore him and good job.
WTF, radix ?

I just wanted to share my opinion and my experience. A few years ago, I would really appreciate advice like these...
(01-15-2014, 02:28 AM)Kuci Wrote: WTF, radix ?

I just wanted to share my opinion and my experience. A few years ago, I would really appreciate advices like these...

Being a dick and giving advice are two different things.
v1.36 - Long number bug fix.
Thanks for the tool Smile
Thank you zeroprobe, very kind of you to share it Smile

It's nice to see you are also maintaining it with upgrades.