Large hash File Problem
Hello All,
Well i looked around to see if someone ran into this issue before posting it. My issue is as follow. I have a large file of of 22815 hash of md5. When i try to run the hashcat it starts out find but only gets to about 420 then it stops. The word file i'm using is rockyou and some other one that is good.

Could it be that the file is to big or am I doing something wrong? other thing the large amount of hash that i have are from around the net. i know they are md5's . i'm just using this for education purpose that's it! Just want to learn something new.

Please let me know when you have time,

maybe it only found 420? paste the output.
(01-15-2014, 01:19 AM)radix Wrote: maybe it only found 420? paste the output.

Index .... 1/1 (segment) 2151231 (words) , 20163421 bytes
Recovered 420/22815 hashes , 0/1 salts
speed/sec 19.89m plain, 497.39k words
progress 2151231 / 2151231 ( 100.00%)

is that what you mean?
yes, it only found 420 with that dict.
Just use some of the supplied rules (in Hashcat's rules folder) with the same dics. You should get some more hits. After that, use trial and error to learn what are the best cracking methods. Take a look at the found ones to see if you can use any pattern.