Remote cracking with windows possible?
Here's my problem... I would like to be able to remotely access my computer to run hashcat. My computer uses 2 Nvidia GTX 670s.

If I run a Ubuntu server I have problems with the Nvidia Drivers (they are half the speed as running Nvidia Windows drivers between version 320.00 and 327.23) I also run into fan control problems, specifically setting a more aggressive dynamic fan curve. Ubuntu lets my cards run too hot, and I don't want to manually have to set the fan speed it becomes too much of a hassle.

So what I would like to do is run hashcat remotely in Windows, but I can't simply ssh or even use a VNC server. So I turn to you. What is the best way to remotely run hashcat in Windows 7? Or am I going to need to set up Windows server 2013 and will a Windows 2013 server even work?
why can't you ssh in to windows? Cygwin supports OpenSSH. The screen utility is also available.
You can't use Teamviewer or Remote desktop?
You don't need to use TeamView, Remote Desktop or any VNC for this, since hashcat is CLI only. As Mangix wrote, ssh + screen is perfect combination.
mastercracker had posted a solution previously as well using psexec