basic question hardware build
Hi everybody,

I wiil build a pc for wpa.
It will be around:
MB: 990fxa-ud3
2x 5870 to start, and go to 4x5870 few weeks later.
velociraptor 10k 150go (i got it, so use before invest in ssd later)

-Is it secure to use a 'add 2 psu'? Exists reasons to be bad?
(I think use it when i get third and fourth 5870)

-I hesitate 990fxa ud3/ud7 cause for 4 Graphic cards:
ud3 16x, 16x, 4x, 4x
ud7 16x, 16x, 8x, 8x
I didn't see thread about performance gain, it's 100$ difference$

-How is ram important? I read that ram is not important, and i read that ram is important if big dictionnary.
I'm noob but i think understand:
-if mask: 2 or 4go are sufficient?
-if dictionnary: 8go or more?

Which cpu to choose(in which case the cpu is important?)
I hesitate between:
-fx4300 95 Watts, 4 core, 3,80 GHz, 4 Mo (100$)
-fx6300 95 Watts, 6 core, 3,50 GHz, 8 Mo (120$)
-fx8350 125 Watts, 8 core, 4,00 GHz, 8 Mo (200$)

I used search function and not find.
I hope don't waste your time and this thread can be usefull for others.
Thanks to say me if something get wrong.
unless you need cpu cracking the cpu isn't important at all. 2gb of ram are also sufficient. All that matters is vram. You don't need a fast harddisk either. Even PCIe x1 would be enough per card. If you have the money you should buy 290X instead of 5870:
With four cards one 1200W ps might be enough:
Thank you undeath.
i don't have money for 290x and prefer multiple 5870.
It's same for psu: 2x650w near 150$ ,1*1200 > 200$-400$, so if no problem i prefere psu combine.
So i have to look for 5870 models with 2 go if possible (standart = 1go).

I have another question:
Can be difference if i use intel achitecture or amd architecture? (linux compatibility/equipment optimization)