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Hashtopus - distributed solution
There is manual draft which should give you pretty good info about what it can do and how you work with it:
Functional demo open:
http://demo.nech.me/admin.php (password: demo, can't be changed so don't worry)

There are actually some agents, those are other people testing this software. Feel free to join your agents as well or add tasks/hashlists/whatever.

EDIT: The link was editted, sorry for missing filename guys
Great idea, however c# and .net are not my favorite platforms, because they rely on unreliable and inefficient software (windows).
Not true. Hashtopus is mono-compliant and most of my testers run Linux.
It works fine on my linux box as normal (unprivileged) user
New version uploaded to demo, lot's of GUI improvements, superhashlists, etc
New version again. Secret data/trusted agent function, massive GUI improvements, fixed uploading single hash into paste-window, improved chunk dispatching algo (better towards end of keyspace to avoid producing extremely small chunks which can take hours because of improper gpu utilization)
Wow, this looks really promising. Can't wait to try it
Updated zapping mechanism to suport massive hashlists, added graphic representation of chunk distribution inside a task
Will Hastopus be able to keep track of which combinations have already been tried? For example, if I'm doing an 8 lowerchar mask attack, then 8 char alphanumeric, will it skip the combinations that consists only of lowercase characters? I'm thinking it will have to keep track of that data anyway, since it hands out just 5 minutes of work to each client at a time.