Need help with custom charset, WPA
i want to generate all the possible combinations ..for a pass. Lets say 4 char long,by this ruleWink xyxy where x= a,e,i y=1,2,3,
and we get for "xyxy"type: a1a1,a1a2,a1a3, a1e1,... a2e1,a2e2,a2e3 so on.
Can be done with Mask ? or crunch..or some word generator?
Please read here: and especially this section:

You can define 2 custom charsets, first for x, sedond for y.
-1 aei
-2 123

Then you need to *use* this custom charsets in your mask

e.g. -1 aei -2 123 ?1?2?1?2

This implies (for oclHashcat) that the fixed length is 4 and at 1st and 3rd position you want a, e, i and at 2nd and 4th postion 1, 2, 3 to be used
(03-01-2014, 06:17 PM)philsmd Wrote: Please read here: and especially this section:

Thank you ,maybe i should use maskprocessor to output the results in a file,because i want a dictionary..