Help with cracking md5
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and to hashcat in general so forgive me if I ask any silly questions.

So basically I'm just trying to experiment a bit on my own and created a hash for hashcat to crack. Let's say the password is arsenal123 and I know that the password starts with arsenal but I don't know the rest of the numbers/letters. How can I input the arsenal portion of the password so that Hashcat doesn't have to go through those letters trying to crack it? I only want it to crack the last 3 characters of the password.

Thanks everybody
I feel like looking into this mask attack would be the right direction. Am I right?

Edit: In this case I don't want to put variables for each letter though. I know the specific letter. The wiki doesn't tell me how to replace each character with a static letter
Correct, your getting there so keep reading.
Damn I've got it. Sorry guys. Believe it or not I actually read most of the wiki articles before posting this. I just wasn't looking close enough.

Apologies again
some examples.

-1 ?l -2 ?d arsen?1?1?2?2?2
Sorry guys I need a bit more help. The password is heygoaway so i typed cudahashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 0 hash.txt heygoa?l?l?l but it keeps coming up as exhausted. I know for a fact that the password is correct and I pulled the hash straight from Cain and Abel
does your md5 hash end with this? 5268999
No. Does this mean the hash from Cain and Abel is wrong?
yes, hash the password yourself and retry.